Information on the Monzo infrastructure

(Tom) #1


I did a quick search and haven’t found anything similar.
I was talking to someone the other day and I told them about Monzo, they said ‘Oh no, I wouldn’t use one of them banks, look whats happened to TSB and Natwest! I need to be able to walk into a bank if something goes wrong!’.

Of course these kind of technical problems are very few and far between however, it is an interesting question - when one of these happens I would assume it may hurt these new kind of banks like Monzo.

So it would be great if there were a video that would show the infrastructure Monzo has, the back up systems etc… (of course within reason, I wouldn’t want them to compromise any security by showing things they shouldn’t!).

I just thought this may educate new potential customers who may be worried about a digital bank!

(Dan) #2

If you’re technically inclined, there is an interesting video by @matt from a couple of years back explaining how Monzo’s infrastructure has been built.


The thing is with TSB is that the staff in the branch weren’t able to do a lot either.


TSB’s issues were also because they were switching from a 40-odd year old IT system controlled by an external bank (Lloyds) to an IT system which had only worked for takeovers and consolidation of small Spanish banks.

(Jorge) #5

They were also trying to cut corners and did a 5-year job in 2 years. Look what happened…