How will Monzo avoid legacy slip


One of the criticisms of legacy banks is that their systems are so dated/integrated/etc. that it is difficult for them to innovate using latest tech.

My question is, today Monzo is using latest tech, systems, infrastructure etc. but what processes do they have in place to avoid falling into a legacy setup? How will they continue to innovate and replace old tech/processes/etc to ensure they are always up to date? I don’t want to see in 2027 Monzo systems failing because new stuff is being built on top of 2017 tech.


I suppose to frame it more technically. How will Monzo manage technical debt?

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #3

I’m no technical guy, but :monzo: Monzo (well, Tom B, at least) has made a great case for building the bank themselves, so they can write and rewrite the code elements very easily. But that’s as far as my coding knowledge goes, I’m afraid.

(Max Walker) #4

I mean they’ve obviously been very open with sharing what the core technical components are and how they slot together. I’d kind of hope that moving forward they will keep abreast of these changes and continue to innovate.

However, given the API and number of technically minded people here I’m sure that they’d be held to account if they didn’t keep up.


From what I understand, @tom is probably one of the most innovative thinkers and creators in FinTech over the last few years.