Increase payment reference character limit

At the moment the character limit is 18, which is WAY too short. I just had to setup an important payment and could not follow all the instructions because the reference message I was meant to add simply did not fit in the 18 characters limit, which means I could only put half of the actual message. While this is not the case too often, it is an easy change to make and would avoid any stress or confusions later on.

Hello! 18 characters actually seems to be the maximum character limit for BACS/FPS so Monzo canโ€™t do anything about it


I had no idea about this, I just checked and you are right. In this case itโ€™s the business asking me to add such a long reference message that I should moan at :slight_smile:


Itโ€™s a shame BACS/FPS impose such a short limit - I know I find it overly restrictive fairly regularly.

I guess we should just be grateful that theyโ€™ve found a way to get it sending lower case letters these days

My Lloyds account is incapable of displaying lower case letters in references and my NatWest account is incapable of displaying or sending lower case letters in references (they are sent fully capitalised)! :man_facepalming:

HSBC is the only traditional bank account I have that can actually show references properly