Incorrect status of bank transfer

The app does not report the status when a transfer has gone through correctly.

Only applies to transfers, not DD’s

Details to reproduce:

  1. Pick a transfer that you have done that you know has gone through from Home.
  2. Go to the bottom of the screen to ''SOMETHING WRONG? TELL US!"
  3. Tap those words.

A new screen will display with the heading “This payment hasn’t arrived”

Android 8.1.0
Redmi S2
App Version:

In addition to the error, though not a bug, it would be good to have the reference (if any) displayed with the transaction.

I feel like this is not a great way of showing a ‘Help’ item.

The way it reads suggests that the payment hasn’t arrived, but what it is really showing is a ‘Help’ / advice item.

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Sort of tomsr, but it is a status. If you do the same for a DD say, and go through the same process, you’ll see that a different screen is displayed such as “Question this payment” and “Reverse transaction” if you follow it through.

It’s definatelya status that is wrong (in my case), not just a help screen.IMG_20180626_135535

I think we’re saying the same thing here. I would agree it’s confusing.

Whilst it looks like a payment status, it isn’t. It’s actually a ‘Help’ question.


Are we on the same page here tomsr? Are you factually stating that it is not a status page? Just to clarify please.

It’s not a status page.

Thanks for that. Should I delete the original post then?

No, because it’s still a relevant post. As I say, I agree it’s confusing, so I’m sure a member of staff will pick this up and relook at it.


I think I know what is being referred to here - but a conclusive screenshot would be really helpful? :pray:


I can’t find a way to take a screenshot (the usual button combination doesn’t seem to work?) but it’s definitely the screen that appears when you choose “SOMETHING WRONG? TELL US!” on the transaction detail page for a Faster Payment. It has the payee name and the amount (twice), and a white box headed “This payment hasn’t arrived”. Under that is “I CAN’T FIND WHAT I’M LOOKING FOR” in amber text.

I know it’s the contextual help, but I can see how it is confusing!

Here you go.

Go to an outgoing bank payment (iOS) and click “Something wrong? Tell us!”



I agree this is confusing.

Maybe it should state “If this payment hasn’t arrived” to indicate it is not the current status of the payment.

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Perhaps even state that the text is not a status message, but a help guide.

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This has be changed and I think it reads better now. You?



Awesome, that now makes more sense, but @HughWells the same issue exits with bank transfers that ARRIVE into your account - you now get the same help screen “Did my transfer arrive?” which is rather illogical and unnecessary :wink: :wink:

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Hello tomsr.

Yes, as the originator of this thread I must say it makes things a lot clearer. Well done to all involved.

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You always get the same help screen for this type of transaction, that’s the point.

There is no status reporting associated with this, the help screen has no concept of the payment succeeding or failing, it is simply trying to offer the most likely question that someone might ask in association with a bank transfer.