Incorrect application of withdrawal fees to joint account holders

It seems that if two monzo users who share a joint account deposit income and pay direct debits directly to/from the joint account rather than their personal accounts they aren’t classified as meeting the requirements for higher withdrawal limits as outlined here

Details to reproduce:
As above

OS: I would assume this wouldn’t be device specific, rather a bug in the backend.
App Version:


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If you speak to Monzo (search contact in the help section) they will sort this for you.

But unless you take out a large amount of cash or lose lots of cards, the fees don’t really change much.

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The key information is here:

If you rely on Monzo more, you’ll get bigger allowances
We thought about all the different types of people using and relying on Monzo regularly, and tried to be as generous as we can with our definitions. We think that if you’re doing at least one of the following, it’s likely that you’re relying on us as a main bank of yours:

  • Paying in at least £500 every 35 days to a Monzo account and have at least one active Direct Debit on that same account, or

  • Getting a Department for Work and Pensions or Department for Communities’ payment (like Universal Credit or a state pension) into a Monzo account every 35 days

  • Getting your student loan paid into a Monzo account every 8 months

  • Sharing a Monzo Joint Account with someone who does one of the above

That last one is the key for Joint accounts:

“If you’re meeting at least one of these criteria, you won’t need to do anything to get bigger allowances, we’ll do this automatically for you.”

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Hi. Thanks both. I’m aware of the key criteria. My point is that these criteria are only met on my joint account - my salary is paid directly there and my direct debits are paid from there. As it stands I’m receiving a notice on my personal account that the lower limits will apply to me, which based on my reading of the criteria, shouldn’t be the case. I believe if my wife and I paid our salaries in to our personal accounts before transferring to our joint account then we wouldn’t be receiving this notice. This subtle difference is where I believe the bug lies.

Sadly, I wouldn’t bet too much on it being a ‘bug’. The focus of the bank has always been on the single account so I suspect this is another instance where the offering simply ‘doesn’t work’ for joint customers.

I don’t have a joint account personally such that I can’t prove or disprove anything so this is simply an opinion. Maybe someone else who works in a similar way will be able to offer a note on what they see.

As mentioned above, contact Monzo. Monzo can manually sort it out I believe.

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As mentioned above, it’s mentioned above.