Inconsistencies with Notes

Hey Monzo!

There is a massive Inconsistency with adding notes… if I use my Monzo card to buy something I can attach a reciept and add a note…

If I have money incoming, I cant do either… or put it into an Income catagory…
If a direct debit goes out… again I cant add a note or add a receipt…

Why is this so Inconsistent when the app should be simple :white_check_mark:, clean :white_check_mark:, Consistent :x:

Please fix it :slightly_frowning_face:


I have a slightly different experience. I can add receipts and categories to incoming payments and to direct debits. But like you, I can’t add notes to either of these and I agree that would be useful.

I agree completely about having an income category. In fact there is a new thread about this:

How about an income tab as well?


Are you guys on ios or Android? I can amend the notes, add receipts and change categories on DDs, SOs and incoming payments on Android (currently on version 1.18.1 though I’ve definitely had the categories and notes for a while - not sure about receipts, as I don’t use that feature). No income category though and I think it defaults my DDs and SOs to general each month and I have to change the category manually… Though could be wrong, I’ll try and pay more attention to that this month :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re totally right @DanRoizer Many thanks for flagging it, we still have a bunch of inconsistencies around notes, attachments and search/history results. We’ll be polishing it :soon:


I’m on iOS

This is amazing news @hugo thanks! :heart:

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Sorry yeah, you are correct! It’s more about notes :memo:

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I’m on iOS. No notes for DDs, SOs, bank transfers or incoming payments.

A separate income tab would be great for helping me to balance income and spending.

Sounds as if Monzo are on it and should be sorted soon :muscle:

For me personally a separate incoming tab would be a bit much, as I don’t have many incoming payments other than my wages but if the breakdowns sneak peak from a while ago comes off it looks like it should cover everything nicely :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for raising this! Just went to go add a note about some money received and nothing.

Hopefully one day :smiley:

Has there been any progress by any chance?

I’ve just noticed this inconsistency after trying to add a note to some income.
Seems odd that notes can be added to some transactions and not others :confused:

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I would also like to be able to add notes to incoming payments.

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I receive salary*, but also money coming in as expenses reimbursement, from family, etc.

Would really like the same ability to categorise and tag deposits as we have on payments, not least in case the taxman comes digging!

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I beilive this is coming soon, not sure where I’ve heard it though. In my view all transaction types should have this ability.

I’ve also merged your post with another thread. Hope you don’t mind. Thought it’s best to keep it all in one place.

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It’s starting to bug me that I can’t add notes to FPS to credit cards, etc. I can’t use the reference field as it holds the card number.

Please add this Monzo :slight_smile:


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It’s on Android as well and it work via the API so there’s no excuse!