Inconsistencies with Notes

(Dan) #1

Hey Monzo!

There is a massive Inconsistency with adding notes… if I use my Monzo card to buy something I can attach a reciept and add a note…

If I have money incoming, I cant do either… or put it into an Income catagory…
If a direct debit goes out… again I cant add a note or add a receipt…

Why is this so Inconsistent when the app should be simple :white_check_mark:, clean :white_check_mark:, Consistent :x:

Please fix it :slightly_frowning_face:

(Robert Shaw) #2

I have a slightly different experience. I can add receipts and categories to incoming payments and to direct debits. But like you, I can’t add notes to either of these and I agree that would be useful.

I agree completely about having an income category. In fact there is a new thread about this:

How about an income tab as well?


Are you guys on ios or Android? I can amend the notes, add receipts and change categories on DDs, SOs and incoming payments on Android (currently on version 1.18.1 though I’ve definitely had the categories and notes for a while - not sure about receipts, as I don’t use that feature). No income category though and I think it defaults my DDs and SOs to general each month and I have to change the category manually… Though could be wrong, I’ll try and pay more attention to that this month :slightly_smiling_face:

(Hugo Cornejo) #4

You’re totally right @DanRoizer Many thanks for flagging it, we still have a bunch of inconsistencies around notes, attachments and search/history results. We’ll be polishing it :soon:

(Dan) #5

I’m on iOS

This is amazing news @hugo thanks! :heart:

(Dan) #6

Sorry yeah, you are correct! It’s more about notes :memo:

(Robert Shaw) #7

I’m on iOS. No notes for DDs, SOs, bank transfers or incoming payments.

A separate income tab would be great for helping me to balance income and spending.


Sounds as if Monzo are on it and should be sorted soon :muscle:

For me personally a separate incoming tab would be a bit much, as I don’t have many incoming payments other than my wages but if the breakdowns sneak peak from a while ago comes off it looks like it should cover everything nicely :slightly_smiling_face:

(Richard) #9

Thanks for raising this! Just went to go add a note about some money received and nothing.

Hopefully one day :smiley: