How about an income tab as well?

I find the Spending tab a really useful way to keep track of my outgoings. Unlike some people on another thread, I actually like the fact that all my outgoings are included as spending. That may be just me!

What about having a separate tab for Income as well? I have bits of income coming in during the month so it would be really helpful to have them added up for me, so I can balance monthly income and monthly spending?

An income tab could also be a great place to put incoming payments from friends, for example, or made using


I have a different opinion to you, though that doesn’t make yours any less valid.

For me:

I really, really, don’t, and this is a reason not to move my salary over, as I want to be able to see my ‘day-to-day’ spending in spending, not my rent.

Because I don’t, then this would be an aggravating waste of space for me. I have a monthly salary (which I would prefer to be able to clear from the feed, and to have the balance hidden, so that when I am showing people the Monzo app I’m not also showing everyone my income) and no other income (or nothing that I would class as such in ingoings).

More people may agree with you than me however! I just wanted to weigh in on not developing something that I would prefer be far, far, in the future :stuck_out_tongue:


Well! There’s just no pleasing some people! :rofl:


so something like the breakdowns that have been shown in the sneak peeks?

on the right you can see ‘committed’ out goings


That looks pretty cool to me, yes. Thank you.

That was posted back in May and it looks like there wasn’t much reaction to it then. Maybe the truth is that no one cares about it all that much.

More likely that they’ve been swamped trying to get 450k+ prepaid users across to the Current Account :wink:

Can’t wait to see what :monzo: do to the app for both ios and Android next year :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m sure Monzo are very interested. I mean no one’s commented on it, which suggests that account holders aren’t interested? :roll_eyes:

I’m hoping that in the first month of next year we get an updated Sneak Peeks to see what :monzo: have in store for us in the next phase of the app :slight_smile:

Well, that makes two of us.

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