Incoming payments / refunds on search

(Miguel Oliva Márquez) #1

I found ideas about marking payments as “waiting to be refunded” and other custom categories but I haven’t seen anything related to search.

In my transaction list, I see the incoming money items. Those can either be Top up, payments from friends, or refunds. Refunds usually take a few days and I might not see them come up in my transaction list as I make many payments daily or I might not open the app in days.

As a user, I’d like to be able to quickly search for my “positive / incoming / refund” money. I tap on search and see many category filters but they are all related to expenses.

This way I can quickly filter my list to see if that friend paid me or if that particular hotel I stayed in a month ago relly refunded the mini-bar charge.

Also, thanks for this awesome product :slight_smile:

(Simon Enoch) #2

I think this would be a great feature. I’ve just attempted to do a search for incoming transactions but discovered there is no means to do so.

A filter to display all account credits would be really useful.

(Kelvin Williams) #3

I was just about to post a similar topic and this came up. I use Monzo as a spending account and transfer funds in via Faster Payments. I wanted to add up the positive, incoming transactions to see if a single standing order might be better, and couldn’t find a way to do so. Selecting me in the ‘person’ tag just shows all transactions since the start and I coudn’t identify this month’s.
It was quicker to go through manually.

(Only available in amateur ) #4

On the Monzo lab it’s in the transfers section