Ability to flag a transaction for refund?

Not sure if this is possible but having had a few issues lately with returning items for refund and the refund never coming through or being for the incorrect amount it got me thinking. It would be really useful to be able to ‘flag’ a transaction - and then perhaps attach a comment as to why (refund expected or something). That way I can keep track of issues with transactions or expected refunds, rather than ending up forgetting for ages and realising later down the line.


you could always just tag them with #refund ?

If it’s just tagging a refund, you can use a hashtag #refund or something?

If it’s a payment that is fraudulent and you need to raise a chargeback you can contact customer support and ask them to flag it.

I quite like this idea. Then having a refund centre where you can see all pending refunds and anything coming in that looks like it may be linked there too to mark as the refund (as it may be a partial refund).


Not sure if it’s a bit too niche of a feature for :monzo: to implement. Tags would work just fine for this and you can always add notes and receipts to the transaction. :label: :ok_hand:


Like this idea - would also add to it that Monzo could track the refund coming back into your account. If no matching refund is seen in your account after 30 days then the app would send you a notification that your refund is still outstanding to remind you to chase the merchant involved.

I’ve always thought it would be useful to have a “star” function like Gmail. Flagging things that I expect to be refunded would be my primary use case, but I can imagine other people using it for something else (e.g. remember to get money from Bob for this).

This could theoretically be done with tags, but currently the tagging interface as it currently stands just makes it a faff. A generic flagging/starring function with an easy way to see all the things you’ve flagged makes it really quick to use.