[Android] Category Lost on P2P Payments Initiated from Feed

Issue: When making a payment the category screen appears after asking “What was this payment for?”. When making a P2P payment to another Monzo user initiated from the Payments tab the category is retained if you open that transaction in the feed. If you make a P2P payment from a transaction from the feed, however, and select a category and then open the transaction in the feed the category is shown as general.

Same behaviour observed when initiating payment from P2P inbound & outbound transactions and bill splitting inbound transaction.

Details to reproduce:

  1. Open an inbound or outbound transaction with a Monzo user in the feed
  2. Select “Send money to {name}”
  3. Complete payment and select a category when prompted
  4. Open payment in feed and the assigned category will be “General”

OS: Oxygen OS 5.1.5 (Android 8.1.0)
Device: OnePlus 5
App Version: 2.16.0


Possibly android only issue or a network bug. I just did a P2P payment here and it retained the category I selected. iOS 12.1 app 2.15

Good shout on possible network issue but tried it on mobile and WiFi to make sure and same behaviour on both.