Income from Tesco categorised as Groceries


As someone who receives a salary from Tesco, I am constantly finding that I need to correct the category assigned to the income or to transactions made at Tesco.

I once made the mistake of marking “this and going forward” as income, but then find that all shopping then shows as income!

Is there any way to make it so that income and spending at “Tesco” are automatically categorised correctly?

Sadly it isn’t this smart. There’s been a few mentions of it for various people in similar positions.

I presume you get paid monthly and probably shop more than that so set all the groceries and then change the income ones?

I developed an applications product for over 11 months using a third party open banking provider, despite providing loads of examples the machine learning never got anywhere. Whether it’s a BACS payment etc doesn’t factor into the equation, a significant limitation of open banking in my practical experience.

I have this with my income. I work for a mobile phone company, so my income from them always appears as “bills” due to my phone contract being with them too.
I have to manually edit my income to “income” each month.