Salary Category

What is everyone’s category that their salary automatically gets put into, I work for Primark and it goes into ‘shopping’ is there any plans for a salary category or maybe just income?


Mine goes into “General” category. Not sure if I told it that or just assumes what it should be.


Having categories for salary and perhaps one for savings would be helpful…


Interesting point here as, in my eyes, it depends on how/why you use categories.

If I ever want to just see my salary transactions then I can quite easily do that with just the search mechanism, searching on my employer name as apposed to the category.

Again personally, I think while categories remain a limited set of possibilities that they need to serve more than a single purpose a cover a wider range of possibilities.


I can foresee a number of use-cases here. You could get paid your salary by a company that you also use as a customer. Perhaps you work for a supermarket and but also do your weekly/monthly shop there too. It could also be that you have a number of part-time jobs, or a full-time job and a part-time job (which I’ve done in the past and therefore had salary coming from two different places).

As for savings, with Monzo’s savings accounts being a little limited in scope at the moment (at least until the ISA’s come on stream), many of us will have savings accounts elsewhere, so standing orders or payments out could be categorised as savings --otherwise it can be flagged as “finances” I guess.


Mine goes into finance, not sure why but I feel it’s most appropriate for me.

It’s because of things like this I don’t pay any attention to categories or the built in budgeting tool :woman_facepalming:t2: There’s no flexibility or logic. Really needs to be an income/salary category.

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