In other news.. The Big Bang Theory finish tomorrow

The end of another great show with an hour’s special and a behind the scenes special, so hopefully great TV for 2 hours tomorrow (Thursday) evening.



I’ve really enjoyed the show, so sad to see it end. Glad they’re doing it before it grows stale, though.

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I agree, before everyone gets bored with it and viewing figures decline. Finish at the top and out with a ‘bang’ (excuse the pun)

I must admit, I got really bored of the show after the first couple of seasons, I felt like all the jokes were quite tired by then.

That said, it brought a lot of people, a lot of joy so its a shame its going.

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Yes, and it probably doesn’t help that it seems to be on constant repeat on many channels and probably will be a long time yet…

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Let’s hope it finishes with a big bang