In app Monzo Shares

So after two crowdfunding rounds, and another big one coming up, I thought it would be nice to intergrate the shares you have within the account / profile page on the Monzo app.

Mine currently says:

  • Crowdfunding Investor
  • Beta user
  • Monzo User #6548 since April 2016

Would be awesome to see how many shares I had within the app. Then one day, how much those shares were worth!

Can’t imagine it would be too hard to do?


Love this idea!


This is a super neat idea :ok_hand:


I always check my notes as I always forget how many I actually have, so this would be really useful. Especially when Monzo does eventually IPO and it can show a value too!


Cool idea for the long term roadmap.

Short term they need to get as many developers working on their marketplace as possible. If they don’t nail that then you can use the below widget to calculate how much your shares will be worth.

How much will my shares be worth with a badly implemented marketplace?

£0 :scream:


Great idea! Love it! :ok_hand:

+1 for this. I imagine the “worth” question is a little harder to implement due to the different rounds and prices at those rounds. But shares held would be a nice touch.