How many shares do I have?

Late 2018 I invested in the crowdfunding. I have tried looking in the app regarding how many shares I have. Can someone please guide me on how I get this information.

The raise was done through Crowdcube - so the shares will be in your portfolio over there.

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Depending on the round, if you search for investment in your transaction feed, you should have a transaction called monzo investment, click on that and it will show how many shares you bought.


lol …how much did you put in ?

  • March 2016, - 51 p / share
  • April 2017, £1.0058 / share
  • November 2017, £2.3566/ share
  • December 2018, £7.7145 / share

Oh nice - I totally didn’t realise the transaction detail had the number of shares

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745? No no, 32019?

Hey this is a tricky game, am I getting close?