How to see number of shares

Hello Monzoers,

I’ve taken part in the 2nd crowdfunding round that ran a while ago and I’m not sure where to see the number and value of my shares. My app shows the “Crowdfunding Investor” badge, but I see no link to see more options.

Any idea where I can see this info?

Much appreciated,

You will see the number of shares you bought in your portfolio page through your crowd fund account ?

The value is whatever anybody is willing to pay for them - you will only get a snapshot of share “price” at the crowdfunding individual rounds offer price :slight_smile:

Log in to Crowdcube --> Portfolio --> Monzo --> Download Certificate. The info is in the top right box.


Hi I would love to invest in monzo . I think that monzo is the future rather that the big banks with their legacy systems. I notice Barclays have copied the debit card freezing. Pity they don’t tell you about payments straight away. Are monzo going to have a flotation anytime soon. Also if monzo had an advertising budget the possibilities would be endless seeing how far they have got up to now.

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Advertising would probably be a distraction and divert vital funds away from product development, strategic partnering

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They are adverting! See here: Monzo Adverts 2018 - #15 by sacha

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