Improving Budgeting (Summary) and the Payments Tab!

Fully agree.

It seems to me that the key here is your well made measurement point. And then providing some flexible tools that let people do something with that data so they can budget/plan in different ways.

A complex problem space, but a fascinating one nevertheless. Would love to be a lurker in the Monzo Budgeting Slack*

*I think this is the modern equivalent of being a fly on the wall

I’d love to see Monzo contacts in the payments tab integrate better with my phone contacts. For example, lots of my Monzo friends haven’t set a profile photo in Monzo, but do have a contact photo on my phone. Since Monzo is already recognising links to your contacts by phone number, I’d love to see it also pull your contact photos into the app too (and if a contact doesn’t have a photo, it could fall back on their Monzo profile photo). Currently lots of empty pictures in my feed / payments tab, so this would fix that. Going even further, you could even add a “pay” button in the Android Contacts app which would jump you straight into the Monzo app to pay that contact. :grinning:

I also really want to see better shared tabs (if you want an idea of how I think it could be, try using Splitwise). Would be amazing to be able to split things by percentage or share as well as the actual cash amount. Same goes for direct debits - currently you can only get a direct debit to automatically add in a shared tab if it’s being split equally. In my flat, we don’t split the bills equally, so would be fantastic if you could tell Monzo to always split a direct debit so Person A pays 20%, Person B pays 50%, etc, regardless of how much the bill actually ends up being.

Also, I think people should be able to add notes to items going into shared tabs. I don’t want to just see that my flatmate spent £30 at Sainsbury’s and requested £5, I want them to be able to add a note underneath saying “washing up liquid” or something to that effect. It would also be great if you could add the same transaction to multiple shared tabs - I have a shared tab with my girlfriend and also my flatmates, and if I do a shop for both girlfriend and flatmate stuff, I have to pick just one tab and add a custom amount on the other. It would be so much better if I could say “request £2.50 each from everyone on the flatmate tab, and £5 on the girlfriend tab” :blush:

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Completely agree with this. You can vote for it here:

Is there likely to be any improvements to the summary and budget features this year? It lacks flexibility and customisation that makes it pretty much useless for me. I guess the answer might to use another app for budgeting rather than waiting for Monzo to cycle back around to updating the summary and budget tools. The Left to Spend feature is great though :+1: but the rest of it not so much

This is not so much an improvement thing more a question, as I’m not sure if the budget screen is working properly for me. But this seemed the most appropriate thread for it.

When I go in to change my budgets, and clear them all, they all appear to be automatically set to what I spent last month. But from the main summary page, I can see they actually aren’t set to anything. If I change any of them, then it actually sets the budget. But from the budget page itself there is no visual indication whatsoever as to whether an amount is a budget I’ve set or just a pre-filled suggested budget. This is super confusing, I have to keep going back and forth to tell which budgets I’ve set.

Is it meant to be like this or is something not working on my app?

Edit: to add image for clarity. Can you tell which categories I have set a budget in and which I haven’t? I feel like you should be able to tell that from the budget setting screen, but you can’t. You have to go back to summary to find out.

perhaps time for another blog post , the forum is getting a few "confused " users on how you intend / designed the summary to work @Jami ?

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eating out , and entertainment are the budgets you have set ??? as the amount last month is different to the figure on the right ? if you haven’t adjusted your budget in the category they are set to last months ?

Maybe the amount spent last month is just to inform you of last months spend ???

Groceries and family ??? , you can’t set the budget , as far as Im aware to an odd figure , so that is following what you spent last month for some reason

I really would like the designer / developer to explain with examples what / how they intended summary and budget setting to work, so everybody who wants to use it knows how to, its obviously not as intuitive as intended to some people…me included :slight_smile:


I’m guessing you are on Android as your page looks different to mine - so not sure if this is true on both platforms.

But if I look on the iOS page, the only difference between something set/not set is greyed out text for the “spent last month” fields;

In the main summary page, on this example, Eating Out doesn’t show up as a budget.

It looks like Android doesn’t differentiate between ‘default figure’ and a set figure per your screenshot, but if they are not set, per your Summary view (i.e. they’d have a “£X remaining of £Y” message), then maybe tap into the amount to edit it, and see if that afffects anything? You can also tap the Heading of the category to say “Set to Last Period”

Weirdly, this is one page where tapping the actual amount doesn’t seem to allow me to free type a figure.


Nope, in this case the family budget is set, it’s just set to the same as what I spent last month. Probably not the most common use case admittedly but certainly not impossible.

Anything to just show if it’s a budget or suggestion would help. Greyed out; a different colour; the words “no budget” and then the suggested amount only appears when you tap to edit it.

Just seems very odd to me that from the budget setting page there’s no way to actually tell at a glance which categories have budgets set. Even if you can use the spent last week to figure it out most of the time, that seems like a piece of manual work that shouldn’t be necessary.


Yes I am on Android - the greyed out figure if not actually set would be just the kind of solution I’m talking about!

Not sure whether they haven’t added it to Android, it’s broken in Android, or its just broken on my device.


Don’t want to set up a new thread for something that has bound to have been discussed, so putting it here. Also confession, I haven’t read through the full thread above.

What I want on the summary wheel page where it says £xx left of (£Total Budget) - ‘14 days to go’ for example. I would then like what that works out to be amount / day. At the moment I am manually calculating this each time.

Realise this won’t be for everyone, and I’m sure everyone uses these tools differently. But that is something I personally would find v useful . Good idea?


I don’t know if this has happened recently or has been present for while, but if you change a category or category name, it seems as though summary doesn’t update automatically anymore?

You have to back out of summary and renter to force a refresh m. This definitely wasn’t the case before? :eyes:

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