Improved Continuity for Amazon Marketplace

I made a purchase from Amazon and it turned out to be Amazon Marketplace and it showed up as Amazon…


I then had to return this item and it shows as the Marketplace user


I think it would be good to reference both as the same thing for continuity, so you can easily pair the purchase and the refund.


Heya :smiley:

If you tap “Improve name, location or logo” on the transaction, you can request changes for the JSG Accessories transaction :sunglasses:

It might take a few days but hopefully Monzo will slap a logo on it and name it Amazon for you :grin:

I suspect monzo don’t get the marketplace details so all they see it as a regular Amazon purchase.

Cheers @nexusmaniac I did that and it’s been updated now… I just think it could be identified by if the transaction starts with AMZ* then it should be Amazon or Amazon Marketplace


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Interesting I just get this

Is that a purchase though? My issue is specific to a refund not coming back as the same as a pirchase

It is a purchase, i meant for some reason monzo don’t get the seller specifics during a purchase it looks like , so a refund wouldn’t automatically be linked, but I guess they could match the £ .

By your purchase does it have the same details as the refund like AMZ*JSG…

The purchase is AMZN Mktp…

But the point is a market place refund would work much like PayPal in that it would be prepended by AMZ* so could be easily identified as Amazon