Improve the transaction map screen

(Terry) #1


I know this is nit picking, but Monzo is all about listening to the community. I think that when in the transaction screen, when you pull down on the map to show the larger map, it just kinda appears and clicks into place, which I don’t think it pleasing on the eye and you have to click a button to go back rather than using a nice gesture

I think it should slide down with a nice animation to show more of the map and maybe have the company logo and name at the bottom so I can pull it back up and see the transaction information again if this makes sense?

I have made a quick mockup of what I think the screen should look like once you pull down to make the map larger:

What do you think?


This is exactly what Starling does

(Phill) #3

Yeah, I’ve found this a little jarring too at times. Actually, on that note, it’d be nice to have a touch more map to look at or manipulate.
Like OP said, it’s just a bit of nitpicking, so perhaps not top priority with all the other business - but something to put on the list as a “Could Have” on the MoSCoW ratings =P