Improve context for recent payments

Really like the “Recent” feature under “Payments”. Very cool to quickly pay someone again (who is not a Monzo user) without having to enter details, all over again.

Right now I have two recent payments both of which are to different joint accounts with another bank. They both have the same name.

It’s cool that it jumps to page 2/2 to save time but I can’t continue with the transaction because there’s no way for me to know which account I’d pay to without actually going ahead with the payment.

Perhaps it would help to do one of these:

  1. Jump to page 1/2, pre-filled with details, just one tap to move to page 2/2
  2. Jump to page 2/2 with a small note that displays the sort code and account number somewhere on the view
  3. Include sort code and account details in small under the name on the “Recent” section of the “Payments” page, jump to page 2/2 on tapping a name
  4. Something else

What do you think?

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Remember that this is just temporary functionality to keep the preview going rather than anything that will be with us for the long term so effort expended on improving this is effort not spent on ‘the real thing’ for use later.

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