(Andy) #1

So I’m a massive Reddit fan. It’s great fun and helpful but I’m always on the lookout for new Reddit’s! What are your favourite Reddit’s?

For me I love:

(Jack) #2

It may surprise you to know I’ve never even been on Reddit :yum:
I should probably check it out…

(Andy) #3

You should!

(Jorge) #4


(Liam W) #5

I’ve never really got into reddit.

I have an account, and I’ve looked around, but I don’t really get it.

You also used to get some really strange/disturbing subreddits… they’ve mostly gone now though.


(Jack) #6

(Will flag Danny for cake) #7

When they started it was full of 4 chan and Anonymous and it was just rubbish. Thankfully it’s a lot better now

(Michael) #8

I try and check here: or ELI5, /r/Showerthoughts, some AMA’s are good too.

Kill time here

Look for lunch here

Then when it’s late and you’ve gone too far into the wrong subs, you head back here to safety.

(Andy) #9

Oh don’t know why I’ve never subscribed to r/holdmybeer but thanks!! Done now!


You should check out r/Monzo and it’s 1.8k subscribers as well


Who needs Reddit, mIRC still rulez.

(Andy) #12

I did not know that existed!!

(Andy) #13

Oh I miss IRC

(Michael) #15

There’s r/holdmycosmo too!

(Andy) #16

Well of course!

(Toby Toller) #17

Same! It doesn’t really appeal to me.

Is anyone able to describe what I’m missing out on?

(Michael) #18

Some call it the frontpage of the internet…

It’s a bit of a mix really, there’s generally topics for almost everyone. Sometimes it’s just nice photos of places people live/have been, diy projects, fiction, life experiences / mistakes, people asking for help, discussion on current news etc.

Surprisingly difficult to summarise it…

(Andy) #19

That’s probably a great way to describe it! They have also ventured in to aggregated news on the app which I’m liking

(Patrick) #20


(Craig A Rodway) #21