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I am new to Monzo and have recently discovered IFTTT and what it can do. I’ve got it set up and I’m using the 1p challenge applet. However, when setting up IFTTT there are a number of permissions you have to agree to, for example letting IFTTT freeze your account, for whatever reason. Can someone provide clarity and is this safe?


What level of information are you looking for?

If it’s general info Monzo has explained the connection here:

If it’s a privacy concern it might be worth checking out IFTTTs Privacy Policy:

It’s easy to think of it as levers. IFTTT needs access to all of those things to be able to pull the levers it needs to operate the applets that you create. If you don’t create any applets or run anything automatically it won’t do anything or read anything.

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Great, thanks for your reply. I’ll check out the articles!

No worries if you need more info please ask away!

I asked about this before and got a few extra details: Monzo & IFTTT - Support Thread

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While we ask for your approval on a broad range of permissions, we only currently support transactions and pot movements. IFTTT do not use (and have no way of exercising) any of the other permissions listed, but they might do in the future.

IFTTT don’t access your data unless you set up an applet asking them to do it.

IFTTT can’t freeze your account, but in the future they may be able to freeze your card if we enable this functionality, and you set up an applet asking them to do that.

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