IFTT Weekly Round Down to Pot?

Hi all!

First post so apologies if this is the wrong place for this…

Just been on IFTT and i wws thinking about setting up an applet which basically rounds down from my main account to a pot each week;

  • Say I have £540 in my main account, at midnight Sunday it takes £40 and puts it into my pot
  • If I had £565, it would only take £15 into my account

Just thinking it would keep my account nice and clean and also allow me to save quite a bit, especially during the pandemic!

Anyone had anything like this before?

IFTTT can’t see your balance so you’d have try and calculate this in Google Sheets if you have Monzo Plus.

You could just round up your purchases more to give yourself an whole balance:

As @ordog says you if you have Plus (and Google Sheets export) it canm be calculated, but IFTTT can’t see this natively.

With Plus + Sheets though, you can replicate something like what you want. Here’s an example I tried that would round down my salary when it got paid in.

Should be similar enough as a guide for what you’re after :slight_smile:

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