Timed Round Up Pot

Not sure if this has been posted before. I really like the round up multiplier, but I’d prefer it if we’re able to control during a certain time period if we want the round up to happen. So I get paid at the start of the month and want all my first two weeks of spending and bills etc to be round up, but the remaining two weeks for nothing to be round up as I’ve typically been far too frivolous and it’s just bills to come out, which when they do, get round up leaving me with even less in the account. Aware I could take funds back out the round up pot, but any further automation would be good.

Set a reminder on your phone and turn it off after two weeks?

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In this case just half the roundup amount you have and you’ll be sorted :smiley:

I was going to suggest this too! :+1:

Given all the automated stuff the app offers though it doesn’t seem much to add this sort of thing in too?

It would be hundreds of hours of work to add in what is very limited functionality.

That’s fair

I do understand what you mean. I have a IFTTT that moves £1 everytime I spend, which on some months can accumulate quite nicely but sometimes it leaves me skint.

Especially if I spend, say, £1.20. It rounds to to £2 and then another £1 on top.

I have thought about turning it off but I prefer the “forced” savings because I’d rather save £40 and take back out £30 than have £40 still in there if that makes sense.

Actually, if you’re on Plus, which it sounds like you are, you could do this yourself with Google Sheets.

I’ll have a look into it thanks.

I have the plus yeah, I like the mad rush of savings through the first couple of weeks, setting the multiplier fairly high, and then riding a wave of overspending and being generally skint for the remainder of the month, realistically, I should just turn the settings down. Just an idea anyway, it wouldn’t change anything for 99% of people I guess.