Trainer recommendation

I’m looking for some decent, supportive trainers for day-to-day wear. I’ve got a great pair of New Balance 860 running trainers, but a bit reluctant to wear them every day and get them knackered. Just looking for something not awful looking, and lightweight.

I like these. Very comfortable, lightweight and machine washable.

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I got a pair of Nike Epic Reacts on sale on the nike website (Around £60) and love them. So comfy, look good and fairly plain so doesn’t look stupid wearing them at work.

I would look at Adidas trainers with Boost technology. They are my go to for daily wear. They do tend to be a bit more expensive but for the comfort they provide I am happy to pay what they charge!

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Thanks all, will investigate :+1:

Have found Puma NRGY+ to be very comfortable, fairly discreet (I have a nice dark green colourway) and extremely reasonable price point. Good every day wear, probably an entry level running/jogging shoe.

Depends what you want to spend really. All the big names have good options. For some thing more robust look at a walking/hiking trainer or an approach shoe again loads to chose from.
I like a pair of solomon speedcross trainers they are trail running trainers but the look good with trackies or jeans alike and are good and sturdy and comfy in my opinion.

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Bringing this back up, tempted by a pair of Allbird Mizzles, anyone else an Allbirds wearer and would recommend

Yes, I have a pair of Mizzles. I think they’re great. :+1: They’re comfortable and offer more stability than the wool or tree runners (of which I also have several pairs), and they’re fine for wet weather - though I probably wouldn’t run across a wet field or jump into a puddle with them.

Just one suggestion: if you’re intending to wear them when it’s wet, and your journey involves any walking through grass or less-than-clean streets, I’d recommend opting for a dark sole - otherwise they can look a bit grubby.

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Thanks for clarifying, @Rat_au_van!

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Cheers, there probably going to become my daily wears, so good advice

On the Allbirds front - I had a bit of a bad time with them, the heel would constantly slip around and rub quite badly, and the wool got a bit fuzzy in a week or two (sooner that I’d anticipated!)

The good side though is they have a no quibbles return, so even if you find an issue that you didn’t see in the shop, they’ll refund you :slight_smile: