IDEA: [Joint Account] Log who deposits in to pots

My wife and I have a Monzo joint account. It works really well, but what would make it brilliant is to be able to see a log in each pot of who moved money in/out of it on what day.

We are saving towards a certain amount (split 50/50). At present when it goes in to the pot it’s a black hole with no log of who has put what in so far, so it’s difficult to keep track.

As the app will know who moved the money as to who was signed in when it was moved, it seems a relatively simple change to see the log of deposits/withdrawals from the pot from within the pot. It could also show an accumulated figure of ‘Person A has allocated £x to this pot’.

Currently we get round by adding a note to each amount that is moved in to a pot, so in the main feed we can try and work this out, but it’s long winded, and when all the data is available it should be a relatively easy development.

Even better would be if, when moving money between accounts, you could move it directly in to a pot, without going in to the main feed to start with!

Definitely agree with all of this. Really pots should be considered accounts, with everything that goes with that (even if they don’t have an external account number).

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Oddly Yolt and other budgeting apps pick the pots up as saving accounts which is really useful to view.