When is Monzo going to have an IBAN number?
I am going to be getting lots of payments from different countries next year and if you cannot cater for this will have to go to another bank, seems crazy in this day and age.

Not anytime soon. You’ll be better off with another bank.


What @Revels said. You don’t have to change banks, you can keep your Monzo account, but Monzo doesn’t cater well for your forthcoming needs, and is unlikely to in the near future.

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You can generate an IBAN and BIC and send some small test payments. All of the ones I have done work fine, but there’s no guarantee.

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Or you can use transferwise. Their fees when I looked are fairly reasonable.

I used them to receive £400 in NOK and it cost about £2.50 - it just depends on how you define ‘lots’ as to whether it is sustainable.

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