Merchant Data Corrections

I’m out and about right now, but thoughts on a wiki where we can name and shame point out the most egregious errors and share solutions?


Is this what you mean by weird logo? Looks like so thing should be there hence not picking up the category but it isn’t there!

A bit like in Star Wars episode 2 where there is gravity affecting stars but the data of the planet/ star had been deleted (bit of a niché reference!)

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Award for the best/worst merchant data metaphor of the decade goes to…


Yes, but only if Monzo engages with it. Otherwise we’re wasting more of our time.

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How have you guessed my gaydar profile name?


The problems of poor merchant data/lack of grouping: wasted COps time and Monzo’s :dollar::

(posting here to make the link between the two issues)

co-op should be fixed :+1:


I understand why you wouldn’t want the registration stripped from the name, but how does lack of logo help with vehicle identification?

@Lewis01 Couldn’t Monzo just link all direct debits that begin “DVLA-” for merchant name to the DVLA logo?

Im not fussed about the logo, having the reg in the name helps me work out which vehicle the payment is for :slight_smile:

But yeah. Grouping dvla- with Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency should hopefully solve the logo issue :crossed_fingers: To be pedantic, it should be uppercase too.

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@Dan5 @Lewis01 Halifax Home Insurance has now lost its logo

As has my mortgage direct debit

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All of them? Or just new ones :weary:

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For Halifax?

Looks like someone’s just linked it to a twitter profile without an image and used Twitters default account icon lmao.

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Hi Dan, yes it is for Halifax. Thank you.

All of them

I’ll try take a look tonight :relaxed:


Thanks @Dan5

might be fixed now :wink:

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Not showing on past transactions and the schedule payment section

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