I redesigned the Monzo Debit Card! What are your thoughts?

Black with Hot coral text for Monzo or business cards!

Appologies for my awful MS Paint skills!! I just used a picture of the pink card and used the colour picker and fill :rofl::rofl: No idea how people have produce there nice graphics Maybe some one coudl tidy mine up if they fancy it?




Sorry, but this looks like every other over designed bank card to me. Can’t please everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

I think monzo should allow users to design their own cards… I for one really hate the orange.

Hot coral

Funny you should say that…



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What a fun thread! :grin:

‘No, not that blue, THIS blue’
‘No, that looks like X, make it like this’ ‘What, no, that looks like Y…’.

I like that the Monzo card is different from all the others I’ve ever had.

Only suggestion would be an easier/quicker way to tell which is my current and which is my joint account as they are both the same colour, and both of mine are the same colour as my partners. Scenario: It’s early morning, barely light, I reach for my bank card, pop it in my pocket and find out later its my partners joint account card (which we don’t use for daily purchases).

Other than that, from a manufacturing stand point, fewer choices is cheaper to make and I’d rather Monzo invested in the app/services than offering multiple design options for their cards.


I think having a hot coral metal card would stand out well and would be a statement piece

Would love to this - plain hot coral card with all details on the back - would also encourage people at the checkout questioning what card it is which thus leads to free advertising for Monzo via word of mouth!!

Super late reply but…
Had to use it last year because the internet was down all day ;-;
They’re horrible to use
iirc there was one unembossed card so we weren’t able to sell to that guy

Back in my shop worker days (good 13 yes ago) when a card was ‘different’ we would write the card number on the carbon copy…

Probably a no no today… but a carbon copy does the same thing

we weren’t allowed to write down the details iirc

Okay so I know this is an old thread but after recently seeing the business card design and then also seeing the plus card design and looking at my current investor card I thought wtf, they all look so different. Maybe it’s me being picky but things like the Monzo logo on the right for standard cards but on the left for all other account types, mag strip sizes changing, signature box size changing, contactless logo now on the back etc…

I understand technology changes therefore parts of the card will change and the fact I know f*#k all about card manufacturing (doesn’t seem to be simply) but it doesn’t look like Monzo have created like a boiler plate card design with all scenarios and future growth areas in mind.

The plus cards seem to be having a ton of issues with looking like a poor product yet being the “premium” package as well. Just received my midnight one and I’ve experienced all the same issues as people in this thread. The “plus” part is impossible to see really, I can see the CVV from the front better than it… The Hot Coral card edging is a really nice touch but it makes the chip on the on the front look naff.

Now I get all these problems could be down to manufacturing issues, but it could also be down to Monzo trying to be too complex with their designs.

So I went to the effort of creating a boiler plate design based on their most recent designs with some small changes, to help create some consistency and hopefully address some of the issues. (The END EXP part might have to move more to the right to accommodate longer names, but yeah).


Now using that boiler plate I designed all the card versions that I’m aware of:


To keep the hot coral in cards which aren’t hot coral I thought about changing the mag strip colour to hot coral, now I’m not sure if that’s possible. But until they nail the hot coral edging I think it’s the best way to incorporate it. Also the account type (plus, business etc) will just be printed normally in a different shade of the card colour.

So yeah, my 2p on the recent card issues and what looks like to be a lack of consistency.


I’m loving the hot coral magstripe on the lagoon blue card. :heart_eyes:


I swear I read somewhere that said all cards will be moving to the new style/design (business and plus) over the coming months.

Just takes some time.

I like the templates though, the hot coral mag stripe is a nice touch!

EDIT: found where I read it.




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Love this idea and yes more consistentcy is needed

Consistency is coming. Because these have to be physically manufactured and stocked, timelines are a bit long before you’ll start receiving them. :slightly_smiling_face:


Can we see the new design?

Please sort the exp date issue!

Why did you decide to remove investor from the top of the investor card? I would assume it would look like the other cards with words next to Monzo. Did I miss an announcement :astonished:!?

43 IMG_156986fbed994fbda50ccafdfe935e16c0f3f18d5738

Because if you’re an investor but have a “plus” account now what? You can’t have “monzo plus investor”. Looks odd and wouldn’t make sense.

I designed it so it’s future proof.

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I see, didn’t managed to see this and not really in the know of what is longer required.

It’ll be good if we can see designs from monzo which include where numbers etc will be embossed as well. As the designs we’ve seen have been blank and not included any number which is a bit deceiving, I keep on getting my hopes of a very minimal card.

@Rika are these available to be shared?

Makes sense with the whole manufacturing process and stock

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