I received a new card, what do I do with the old one?

Hi!! I have ordered a new monzo card, what do I do with the old one?

Keep it until the new card arrives and has been activated. Then…whatever you want.

What have you done with old bank cards in the past?

Put it at the top of your Christmas tree.

If you drive a car, keep it in there & use it for scraping ice off the windows :ice_cube::snowman_with_snow:


I keep my old lagoon blue OG plus card in my glove box for exactly this reason :joy:

In all seriousness though @Norastrong, once your new card arrives and has been activated you can destroy your old card and dispose of it :blush:

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I recently found this old Monzo card in some Pollyfilla.


Post it through a random letterbox to give Monzo some free advertising :smiley:

Yes, old cards are great for applying filler to cracks in the plaster. Much better than a scraper anyway…

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