How to dispose of the Monzo Premium metal card

I’ve recently had to replace my metal Monzo Premium card and wondered if there was a ‘best practice’ way of destroying the old card before disposing of it?

With old plastic cards I just used to shove them through the shredder but obviously not an option with the metal card!


I believe Monzo offer to recycle them for you if you send it to them. Check the help section in app?

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They do indeed :recycle:


That just says they dispose of it safely, not recycle it.

If they’re recycling it, you’d think they’d say so. It’s a selling point for metal cards. They’re far more recyclable than plastic cards, and if Monzo aren’t doing that, it’s a pretty big blunder IMO.

Honestly starting to get a bit peeved with folks on here misrepresenting Monzo’s claims.

I use my old metal cards as scrapers for my fishtanks - very effective.

Surely metal would scratch the glass :thinking:

Melt it down, forge it into a trolley token #lifehack

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It’s only steel. And probably not graded like iPhone’s steel is (which isn’t strong enough). So probably not. Won’t be hard enough to scratch glass.


No scratching ever.

A lot of fish tanks are made of acrylic now which is a lot easier to scratch. I wouldn’t use it on those types.

It’ll scratch acrylic but the post I replied to was talking about glass not fishtanks.

Just a little update for anyone who may find this thread useful in months to come - I asked Monzo via the Help section in the app and they advised me to send it back to them in an envelope (no need for a stamp) to FREEPOST, MONZO RECYCLE. So it does indeed at least give the impression they do recycle them.