I need help with huawei and monzo app

I am new to the UK and need a bank account I have managed to download the Monzo app using findorra but every time I select next it says I do not have internet please I need help ASAP.

Do you have a working internet connection?
If you connected via WiFi, can you switch WiFi off to force the phone to connect via mobile 2/3/4G data?
If you are connected via mobile 2/3/4G data, can you connect to a WiFi access point instead and try again?

Without access to Google’s services you’re really going to struggle to use Monzo with that phone.

I would go with another bank that is supported on your phone, also if you’re not from the UK and you’re thinking of transferring money over to a Monzo account you’re going to hit friction as inbound international transfers are not officially supported. Again, you’ll find other banks meet your needs better.

Monzo just like many other apps are not supported on Huawei so unfortunately you won’t get any support on this, only suggestions to use a different phone or bank.

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I have tried switch my wifi of and onn and same with mobile data but I still have the same problem. What other banks are there that is easy to set up as I said I’m very. New in tthe UK.

Starling: https://appgallery.huawei.com/#/app/C102488563

If switching to a different internet access method didn’t change anything then it’ll be the Monzo app trying to access something that isn’t supported by (installed on) the Huawei phone. As @Ordog says, the only way to move on is by using a different, :monzo: supported phone or going with a bank that has an app which works on the Huawei.