Paying cash into monzo in spain

does any one know where in spain i can deposit cash at all into monzo

Nowhere. You can only pay cash in at a Paypoint terminal.

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can you not open a monzo spanish account i have looked and cant seem to find anything


Monzo is a UK bank account only.

It has no branches in the UK or Spain.

You can only deposit money via PayPoint which are in some UK shops or via bank transfer from another UK bank or payment account.

International bank transfers are not supported, but (at your own risk) are not always impossible.

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If you are looking for a bank to use in Spain and U.K., I guess Santander is a good bet.


Starling has euro account, only reason I haven’t closed my starling account yet

It does, but you can’t pay cash into it in Spain as far as I know.

My bad, I thought op just needed to transfer euros to pounds. No idea then.

You wont be able to do it. Is it cash or € in a spanish account?