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Hi! I know people in the UK are starting to use Monzo for their salaries and I might be in a bit of an unusual situation here, but for the last few years I’ve worked a bit in other countries and it is an unbelievable hassle to set up foreign bank accounts. Would there ever be a way for my employer - regardless of where they are in the world - to pay my salary (in euros or whatever, no currency exchange) into my Monzo account?


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International Payments are required to receive the money from a non UK account, this is something we’re working on and we will be bringing in the future :+1:


In the meantime take a look at the Transferwise Borderless account, or Starling which announced SEPA support, or N26 which will have SEPA and is soon planning to launch in the UK. :+1:


Or Monese or Fire they both have EUR accounts with IBAN and offer linked GBP accounts with UK sortcode and account numbers. Or you can try Bunq for a EUR only account with IBAN, but no GBP facilities available.

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BUNQ from the Netherlands is also a great alternative within the SEPA zone.


Whereas Monese and Fire offer Mastercard Debit, if you travel to Netherlands and Germany a lot you may find Bunq’s offer of a Maestro card and/or Mastercard Debit useful. In Netherlands in particular there is higher acceptance of Maestro than Mastercard Debit in some areas and at certain retailers

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FYI Transferwise Borderless charges 0.5% to change from EUR to GBP and there’s a £0.50 charge to withdraw the GBP to your UK bank account. They have a debit card, though, so you can spend it direct from that for free.