I have been scammed for nearly 5000£

I have been a victim of a online scam
In may , in the value on 4702£
I got contacted by someone I believed to be a part of the monzo team , that claimed my account was under security threat and they would have to verify my identity and get my funds transferred in to a safe monzo account…
I have messaged and emailed monzo over 10 times to try to get a resolution as I got told they would investigate and that victims of scams usually get their money back
Every single time I have contacted them I have been told that they still don’t have an answer for me
It’s been months now and I haven’t received a resolution or any update
I am not rich , 4702 is a lot of money to me
Has anyone been in a similar situation or had any issue with monzo where they didn’t get their money back ?

First, sorry to hear that you’re in this situation, it can be really stressful.

Monzo need to investigate what exactly happened, including contacting other banks and organisations if necessary. This can sadly take time.

If you want to, you can raise a complaint with Monzo which would hopefully escalate things a little though that can also take some weeks to be resolved.

Just have perseverance and you’ll get a response eventually. Though it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll get your money back, it will depend on the outcome of the investigation. Something you need to keep in mind through this. Best of luck!


Good luck with getting your money, Monzo support is extremely poor and they will try to close the case and make you believe it was your fault.

Horrible service

How? Every bank states ad infinitem that they will NEVER ask a customer to move money to a ‘safe’ account.

Msybe listen to these warnings

You may be completely right but there is a lack of empathy in this post.

Don’t forget the scammers are often experts at making old/foreign/vulnerable/naive people feel threatened and getting them into an emotional state where they can and will bypass these messages without reading them. That might put the fault in their corner legally but we can still empathise with them. It could happen to our grandparents or vulnerable friends and family so i don’t think we should just dismiss it as being thick and failing to follow what we think are simple instructions.

I watch some of those YouTubes where the scammers absolutely fly off the handle and shout abuse at the ‘victim’ when the are questioned on why they need to repay the overpaid money in gift cards or why they need to send it to another account etc. Personally I find it hilarious and if it were me id tell them to get a proper job and I’d tell them where to shove it, but out of 100 people maybe one or two will be mortified by someone telling them they’re under attack or they’ve done something wrong and need to follow these instructions immediately.

OP best of luck and please come back afterwards and let us know how it goes to help other people figure out what to do.


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