I can’t access my chat history or anything

That looks epic :joy:

I’ll +1 for that to be on the home screen of the new chat!

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Haha thanks. It’s Hot Chip that makes it but I can’t take any credit for that :smiley:.


@danbeddows wow I was not expecting an answer to even include design explorations (including our hotchip in a sofa!) that’s super kind of you. Thanks so much for the feedback, I think it makes a lot of sense on the approach you’re taking and how you summarize the pain points. We’ll work on it :muscle:


I think it should say something like:

“Welcome you Monzo Chat. Send us a message and our customer support team will help you out.”

A message like that at the top of the chat as a message from Monzo would be a nice touch and much more friendly than a blank white screen.


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