I am worried about Monzo closing my account

As was pointed out to you there is literally nothing you can do about it, because nobody knows what causes the account closures. Why worry about some think you have no control over?

That would worry me because what happens if the house burns down or someone steals the mattress. That’s are a things that are within our control, Account closures are not

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Then you’re going to need to live with your fear, or deal with it.


Most people who come complaining here that the account was closed all used crypto I’ll say around 80% have.

If just use cash. Get paid in cash problems solved.

Then you’ll fear about being mugged

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Where have you got that statistic from ? Have you made it up?

Look across the monzo Facebook page each day they’re countless of people posting about it and rule out the other reasons gives you 80% since 8 out of 10 are crypto related

Sounds pretty scientific.

I’ve totted up the numbers too and 7% of Monzo customers have had their card sucked down a train toilet. If Monzo could eliminate their losses from having to replace these cards, they’d be in profit.


One in 5 million is

quite a bit less than 7%


To be fair, having staff members come on here and say it was fine for people to order new cards because the shade of orange was slightly different didn’t help either. Had they said “live with it, and if it falls in a train toilet do what you need to do to get it back out, get your hands right down in there if need be, corona or no corona, and definitely don’t flush it onto the tracks, or all the better look after it and don’t let it happen in the first place’, then there may have been a lot less wasteful replacing, and a lot less financial loss…


Very true, and I guess they could save even more money if it weren’t for the 69% of customers who waste customer service hours by accidentally sending the team photos of their aubergines and watermelons via chat. This statistic is 100% accurate, I calculated it based on the post I saw on the community.

You’ll be surprised what else gets sucked down a train toilet

How do you know it as a accident :eyes:

Not in 2021 :sweat_smile:
More and more places do not accept cash. And we know covid19 accelerated that :no_entry:
Also, salaries and other formal income are not being paid in cash any more. Isn’t it?

Cash in hand

Not sure which world you live in but every shop in my entire area takes cash.

Funny to see that you are limiting your self with ‘‘shops’’ alone :thinking:
What about other services as O2, weekly bus/train ticket, etc? :bus:

A bus takes cash?

My train takes cash?

You can buy O2 with cash?

As above all can be bought with cash

VERY limited in Exeter city :arrow_left:. Unless you have exact amount to pay as most of drivers have no change really :customs:

Local trains prefer tickets you ALREADY bought online. NO cash was accepted during 1st lockdown.

O2 is still closed. Online orders only, paid upfront with debit card :nerd_face:

“it looks like you’ve frauded too much this month”.

Fixed it for you. You’re welcome.