Huge gap on accounts & pots overview

There is a massive gap between the name & avatar and the account and pots “pull down” overview

Details to reproduce:
From the main account view showing card transaction history, pull the transaction panel down to reveal the overview of pots and linked accounts.

I have shown and hidden a number of different pots to see if it will kick it back up, but no fix.

Edit: I have removed the app from my phone. Rebooted my phone and reinstalled the app.
The gap is still there but now I have no Premium icon in the footer navigation.

iOS 14.4

iPhone XS Max

App Version:
3.68.0 #712


Generally when weird things like this happen removing the app, restarting your phone and reinstalling fixes it.

Just curious though, do you have any adblockers installed or anything?

I’ll give removing and reinstalling a go.
I don’t have any ad blockers.

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Mine seems fine; have you tried reinstalling the app?

I’ve removed the app, rebooted my phone and logged back in.
The gap is still there but I’m now missing the premium button from the navigation bar.

Try switching to android?

Less jokingly, reach out to support and hopefully they can help, might some AB testing that has gone a little wrong

This was reported in the TestFlight thread. Guess it made it into the full release.


I got the exact same problem, phew i thought i was the only one, i reported it on the chat but still waiting for a response, i hope it gets fixed soon!

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Hey everyone,

Thanks for reporting this, it managed to slip through the cracks but should be fixed for the next release. :slight_smile: