Account swipe to view pots not working on updated version

swipe down when on account to view all account pots not working:

When I account used to be able to swipe down recent transactions and you’d see all you post within that account. The arrow still appears when you swipe but it no longer swipes down ti display pots.

Think I must be on a new version of app as mine is different to my husbands and his still works
OS: IOS 16.3.1

Device: IPhone Xs
App Version: 5.13.0


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Still working for me. Same version.

Are you using the new homepage overview? If so, the pots overview screen has been removed as part of that.

You can disable that in Labs:

Go into settings, monzo labs and turn off app evolution or whatever the setting is called

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If you are using the new overview pressing the Home button should return directly to the overview page… at least it does on Android…