Summary hard to find

Are there any plans to make the Summary section of the app easier to find? You have to click on the white empty area above your transactions to bring up Summary. There is no label or button to click to bring it up - you find it accidentally. I feel this could be highlighted better.

One other thing. I have 2 savings pots - I have named them, however you can only see the name of the pots if you go into ‘Edit’. Without doing this they are both labelled as Regular Pot on the main screen.

Would be great if these simple things could be looked at :slight_smile:

iOS or Android? Beta or not?

I ask because mine looks like this:

Summary being the pie chart at the top.

Pot names seem good too, but I’ve definitely read people having issues with this.

iOS. I have no pie chart at the top. And the pot names do not have names like yours. Just ‘Regular Pot’ instead of the actual name. How annoying!

Have you had a reinstall recently? Might be worth just clearing the app off and reinstalling it from scratch, it sounds like something is getting stuck.

I’m new to Monzo and I’ve only had the app a few days so I doubt a fresh install would help? But I could try!

How weird. Let’s see if any of the iOS people come along with any suggestions.

You’ll get a Summary icon when you update the app to version 2.57.0, which should have been released to the app store by the end of next week.

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This is good to hear. Hopefully they will patch up the ‘Regular Pot’ issue too.

That is fixed in the same update :grin:

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So I’ve just noticed the latest update is out and I have updated. The summary icon is now there. However, the Regular Pot name issue hasn’t been resolved :confused:

I’ve also noticed the option to view all accounts on one screen has been taken away! That icon has been replaced by the summary icon :man_facepalming:t3:

Tap on your profile icon for all accounts

Pot names will be fixed in the next App Store release

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Theres a lot of work going into improving the navigation of the app right now. So I suspect you’ll see more changes than normal over the coming weeks.

Good to hear regarding app navigation. I’d say the number one issue I’ve had since getting to know the Monzo app is navigation and things not being made overly clear on how to get around. It does need tweaking. On the whole it’s a great app, though! Goodbye legacy banking apps!

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