Huawei EMUI 9 help

Need help (not Monzo related). I’ve got a Huawei P30 pro running EMUI 9.1. I had dark interface running which meant my apps were in dark mode. All of a sudden this morning the dark mode for certain apps didn’t work. Settings menu is still dark but things like play store, Instagram, Google are all back to light. I’ve tried switching the dark interface setting on and off and even reset my phone but still no luck.

Anybody got any ideas? It is really annoying me now. The only thing that is changed is I launched android auto this morning then after that it stopped working. I’ve deleted that app and still no luck.


Have a look around developer options for dark mode settings.

Will give it a go. Very annoying. I wondered if Mr Trump had flicked a switch to annoy Huawei :joy::joy::joy:

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