Huawei app gallery monzo app?

Hey all.
I was thinking of upgrading to the new Huawei P40 Pro and yes I know it doesn’t come with Google play services etc. The only app really I can’t live without is the Monzo app of course as its my main bank account so I was wondering has anyone got a P40 with the app on there? and is it working properly? as I’ve heard that it still works ok if you use phone clone to transfer it over. Also the big question is that will it be at all possible to have a Monzo app on the Huawei app gallery? Am just wondering whether to upgrade to the P40 Pro or not as it looks an amazing piece of kit. Cheers

Hi Martin,

I’m going to move this to the feedback section so people can vote on this suggestion.

Based on this thread it will work without notifications if there is no google play services installed.

But note that you’ll either have to download the app from a third party website or download to your old phone and export with something like this to the p40 if you want to get any app updates.

It looks like it’s possible to install GMS (Google Mobile Services) on the phone if you are tech savvy , see the article linked here XDA forums are the go to place for these kind of things, so have a look at what other people are saying.

Personally without apps like Google pay (which still won’t work even if you do get GMS working on the phone) and android auto, together with random apps probably not working it’s not a phone I would get, at least until developers start putting apps on Huawei.

Based on Huawei’s market share it’s probably going to happen sometime , but apps that are heavily reliant on Google play frameworks are going to take a long time.

Hope that helps.

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I think it would be good if Monzo were to host an APK download themselves, downloading from a third party like APKMirror does introduce the risk of downloading an app which has been modified.


Thank you for the reminder :smile: I haven’t updated in a few months.

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Can I ask what sort of apps that you use on a regular basis?
It’s going to be a minefield as a lot of apps also utilise Google’s notification service, amongst other useful services.


A good opportunity to leave the surveillance state behind, starting by installing F-Droid. :wink:

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