HSBC's new mobile banking app

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I was digging around the internet and managed to come across this:

It doesn’t seem to have come out to the public yet so it must have leaked online some how.

Switched from Monzo to a legacy bank (Barclays) :dizzy:
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Looks the opposite of frictionless…

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49% of HSBC’s target audience would switch banks for a better mobile experience

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And the select highlight was a reduced login time..:man_facepalming:


“Enter your username” “enter your father’s name” they blew it right from the start. What’s wrong with an username/password or magic link like Monzo does ? :joy:

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The new First Direct app is already out. Despite taking years to update the old app they still couldn’t manage fingerprint login on Android from day one. Pathetic !

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Enter your username


Sorry the username Danny is unavailable your username is now Danny245765431

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Fathers name. Really? That’s not security, it’s just inconvenience. Questions used for security should not be easily answerable from someones social media.


Maybe I’m being a bit silly here but are they referring to reduced login in time as it takes less time to load the app? Or that it means time spent in the app(login time) has been reduced? If it’s the second one then I can see the benefits to what they are doing! Barclays App has certainly been a Monzo copy cat recently, so wouldn’t be surprised if the other banks did too


I don’t know what my father’s name is :slightly_frowning_face:

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As someone with HSBC, it’s the loading time.

The HSBC loading app takes around 1+ Minute to login to it everytime you open it and are auto signed out which is really frustrating.

But not only that, the HSBC app its self is terrible and makes me want to stay away from it, Monzo actually helps me control my money and use something that I want to use.

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Sorry, but has anyone actually ever looked up their nearest branch from their watch?:rofl:


The whole point of a mobile-first experience is that you’d never need to look up the nearest branch, so I’m curious as to why that feature is thee to begin with. :joy:

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One day, when a book is written on the demise of traditional retail banks, I’m sure they’ll be a paragraph on HSBC innovating by allowing you to find a branch on iWatch whilst others were offering instant budgeting tools and spending notifications :laughing:


Using the First Direct app, asking for a parents name is the ‘insecure’ method of logging in and you can’t do things like transfer funds. You need the device authorised by a secure key and then you can use methods such as touchID to actually do things and not need the parents info etc.


You also don’t need to give the true answer…


But many people will, which makes this extremely insecure.


I have been a HSBC customer since it took over Midland Bank. The company is a dinosaur with absolutely zero ability to deliver a modern experience anymore. When they last updated their online banking i genuinely thought they must have given the project to a bunch of school kids learning to code and web design. The only way HSBC will ever produce a great mobile app is by buying an existing company with a great app.

Just my opinion of course.

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Anything has to be better than the current garbage :eyes:


All this security - how does Monzo justify having absolutely NO security?

Don’t get me wrong, that’s one of my favourite features. I love the fact that it doesn’t need a password, username, fingerprint etc. I already verified that it’s me simply by unlocking the phone itself!

Nationwide recently upgraded to allow fingerprint login to the app - but even that feels like a waste of time when I just unlocked the phone with my fingerprint.

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They’re visionaries over at HSBC. I feel compelled to buy an Apple watch just so I can try it :smirk: