HSBC Rant - Adv Account


Just a tiny rant. HSBC are making it difficult for me to downgrade my legacy account to a “non-fee paying” account. Apparently I have to do it in branch because there is a “process that needs to be followed”. How about just stop charging me, because I asked you to?

Pesky dinosaurs and their hard to access services.

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I had an issue where Halifax didn’t want to close my account without going to the branch so I CASSed it over to Monzo :rofl:


That’ll teach them!! :+1:t2:

Sadly I have a weird emotional attachment to my old account (it was set up by my parents when I was tiny) so I don’t want to fully close it :frowning:

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Isn’t a fee account basically a subscription, by law you should be able to cancel in writing, but I’m not too sure.

With all the branch closures it’s not reasonable of them to expect people to travel quite a way for some people.

Maybe it’s something to do with i.d. needed for some reason.

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Yeah, I was already thinking of using Monzo as my current account so that pushed me over the edge

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That’s what I had assumed! So I wrote them a message but NOPE. I was logged in to online banking to message them so my ID should be confirmed by then right? So weird.

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You’ll have to check the small print for the account,

If it doesn’t say you need to go into branch then in writing is reasonable , but to get anywhere with these companies you’ll have to log an official complaint which is a right faff, and depending on how close to a branch you are , probably not worth it.


How far is the branch?


Thankfully there is one not far from work, I’m just annoyed it will waste a lunch break for something that should be easier :relieved: