HSBC app now processes cheques

Whoop - today’s HSBC Mobile App update now allows processing of cheques in-app using the camera. Hope we get this with Monzo soon!


They have plans to so keep your eyes peeled :eyes:

It’s good to hear more banks are getting on board with this.


All cheque handling banks need to move to digital cheque imaging so it makes complete sense for them to implement it in app and let the customer self serve and have one less reason to go to branch

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Yay! Now I no longer have to drive 13 miles to the nearest branch :smiley:


And it works - just used it. Simples.

Legacy banks aren’t dead yet :rofl::rofl:

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Not only not dead, up there ahead of Monzo in this regard (so far).

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Apparently HSBC are very slow with everything in general, Inc opening an account and receiving your card etc…


HSBC is a proverbial rusty, legacy bank. To start using online banking you need to register for a telephone banking as they call it. Only God knows why, legacy naming I guess :smirk:

You will need a telephone banking customer number, memorable name, memorable place, two security questions and answers to them in case you need to call them, crappy calculator secure key wih a separate pin to be ordered online and register to your customer number, if you don’t have finerprint capable smartphone you will have to log in with a username, a password and the answer to your security question… For a next month you will be getting welcome packs with paper crap, leaflets, and other useless garbage, pin letters, calculator junk and what not.

I must have forgotten a thing or two … :joy::joy::joy:

You should be ready to bank in 6 weeks if everything goes according to the plan. Unless someone at the branch messed up scans of you passport, bank statements or driving license. Then you will get a letter to book another visit :rofl:

Jesus, Mary and Joseph…:crazy_face:

Once took me over a month for a replacement card that went missing in the post :frowning:

Through all the bad things, they will give me 3% loans instantly without having to speak to anyone, takes about 2 minutes to fill the form in and have the money in your account.

My Credit Card with them is broken though, tried with previous card and this replacement and still can’t get it registered for Verified By Visa.

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