How your spending habits have changed

(JJ) #1

Would love to know how your spending habits have changed from your university years to your 30’s and what frugal habits you’ve kept thats made a dramatic difference in your life!



I try and get one thing a month I don’t have on the bills list, gift for me, gift for someone else. save a bit for holiday etc etc so I get a bit of my pay that is not just a living cost.

this months pay I am buying my boyfriend a tshirt for our anniversary :thinking:

it used to be: food

then food and some bills (parents)

then food and more bills (moved out)

now food and less bills (moved home)

(Gareth) #3

My spending habits haven’t really changed in 10 years, it’s still spend the pocket money…

Two easy tips:
Save ~10%, just stuff it away out of sight the day you are paid. Don’t be afraid to increase or decrease as necessary.

Save up for yearly stuff (make a list, and it doesn’t have to be only big stuff). Nothing nicer than buying something big on credit card knowing you can pay it off immediately.

(Andre Borie) #4

Didn’t really change (I am still in my 20s) but my routine is pretty simple, when I get paid I pay off all my bills and the rest is pocket money that needs spending.

(JJ) #5

I love the idea of once a month getting a gift for yourself or others, do you have a list of things or just purchace them out on a whim?

Thank you so much, will be using this idea!

(JJ) #6

Do you automate this saving habit Gareth?, and could not agree more about paying of that credit card! :joy:

(Cheryl) #7

Would love to know how your spending habits have changed from your university years to your 30’s and what frugal habits you’ve kept thats made a dramatic difference in your life!

You seem to be implying that I had lower levels of disposable income as a student. Madness!

I felt rich as a student. Regular incoming loan/grant payments, a job, and lower living costs. Those were the easy days!

My priorities have changed a lot since then, though. I saved enough for a deposit for my own apartment when I was at university. Now I can’t imagine ever being in the position where saving for a deposit is my top priority. All my savings went to helping out my now husband, when he graduated, after he became very severely ill and ended up in hospital and was unable to work or pay his rent/bills. So I ended up with very little money when I graduated, I took a risk on running my own business not long later, then I became very ill during pregnancy a few years later and had to rely on credit cards when I had to take 8 months off work and then manage rebuilding my business with a baby taking all of my time.

I’ve given up the stress and uncertainty now, for secure employment, but low wage stuff because my top priority is still being there for my daughter. I’m never going to end up in a long hours, high pay job, and we’ve a lot of financial hits still to recover from, but we’re happy and stable and that’s what matters.

When I do save, the money goes on my daughter’s future and on experiences that we’ll enjoy before she grows up - because NOW is when it all really matters.

So I’m a decade out of university and further from having savings/significant spending money than I’ve ever been, but couldn’t care less if I’m honest.


Usually a whim. Like I might decide I want a new dress or jeans or something. or new shoes.

Sometimes it’s a game, it might be a cinema trip. something like that


I’m 29 now and all I’m trying to do is be debt free by 30, including my student loan ! I have a past of being driven by debt so trying to flip a wasteful twenties to stress free thirties!


I bought a new car for my 30th instead :joy:


I don’t even have a driving licence!!

(Andy - Customer of Monzo - Own Thoughts) #12

I spend less on booze and way more on gym stuff and techy gadgets