How we’re gearing up to support one billion Monzo customers!

This week on the blog we’re publishing a series of posts all about our Scalers Team :tada:

Scalers work to help our Customer Operations team scale to support a billion customers, without having to just keep hiring more people. So it’s a cross-functional effort involving designers, engineers, analysts, and more!

Read all about it here:


1 COp per 100,000 users seems like an interesting idea. Is there not a possibility though that as you scale, the technology savings and app streamlining wont be enough to divert customers away from contacting customer support?

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Incredible how legacy banks have 1 person per 3,000 customers whilst Monzo has 1 per 19,000 customers. Just goes to show how wasteful and inefficient many legacy bank processes are.


Monzo customers are younger and more tech-savyy. Therefore they need less of a support. Also Monzo has less of a services to support compared to High st. bank. Also Monzo doesn’t respond either. Their support model just doesn’t make you wait. You send them a message, they reply you eventually, you reply back to them eventually. Non-blocking support model. When it’s not an urgent matter I’m perfectly fine waiting for an hour or more.

What I find annoying about the support is that when Monzo replies, I get both app notification and email. Is this redundancy really needed? For me it doesn’t make sense sending an email as I can’t reply to chat agent from there anyway. Or I can?


…why I waited on average 3h25 for the first response in the in-app chat.

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yes you can reply via email as well which I think is a good idea, remember some people aren’t allowed to use thier phone while at work but have access to emails etc then you can still carry on with your issues via email

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Makes sense. But it would make even more sense if this behavior was configurable. Getting two notifications, one from Monzo app and another from GMail is overly excessive.


You all may find tonight’s live stream from the scalers team interesting. They covered this very topic and what they are doing to try and achieve it:

Hello @Aleanthor

We’ve had some unforeseen spikes in conversations recently but we are doing our best to get this done as soon as we can. We like seeing large waiting times less than our customers, trust me!

Was your issue fixed?


Sadly not as I was informed :monzo: doesn’t provide payment confirmation/single transaction statement.

The long waiting time is not something solely recent but rather ongoing. I wrote down my waiting times in the Char with a human thread. The average comes from 8 conversations over a period of 32 weeks.