Scaling issues

(Dave Berry) #1

So, me and my wife have had issues in the last week and we contacted support. I got a response within 15 mins about the app logging out a lot at the mo (known bug, will be fixed). My wife’s feed doesn’t add up to her balance and its out by £60. Four days later that is still the case. She contacted chat, was asked for her token and dob, which she forgot to reply to for four days. But more than 24 hours later still no response. I get its the weekend, I get she didn’t respond right away, but this is a significant issue of trust… Slightly concerned that :mondo: isn’t scaling well… Tell me I’m wrong (please!)

(Rika Raybould) #2

Support out of office hours is definitely something that could be improved on and if this job posting for overnight support is anything to go by, they know it too!

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Hey Dave,
Yikes, that’s not good! Has she had a reply yet? If not, can you tell me her name (by DM here or by email ( and I’ll check up on it :slight_smile: It shouldn’t be that long ever!

(Dave Berry) #4

All sorted on Monday morning! Needed to do a session reset which made the missing feed items appear!

(Josh Bray) #5

Ah right. That doesn’t sound good. I’ve had my first issue with a transaction not going through and I had a reason within an hour. Turns out the reader in the store timed out.