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Had to share the outstanding support I received from the Monzo team over the last couple of days.

Had a financial crisis due to a hold up of clearing funds received from NS&I. Think at least 5 Monzo staff were involved but the outcome was significant for me. Being housebound means my shopping for food is done online. Without Monzos care and attention I would have empty cupboards and tummy!!! Thank you again Monzo. An extremely satisfied customer.

I’m glad that it was resolved, but why did it take five staff? That doesn’t strike me as good support, or a good use of resources?

Hi Rob

I can’t answer your question unfortunately.

FYI February chat details


  • Millie : 18.12
  • Kane : 18.42


  • Ben : 14.30
  • Kathleen : 15.48
  • Leo : 16.54
  • Lola. : 17.34


  • Madison :
  • Caleb : 0.58
  • Harry. : 8.18
  • Jake : 8.45

Wow hadn’t realised how many staff were involved.



Why does it matter?

Zelina is clearly happy with the support and it made a significant positive impact on their life.

Monzo can decide how they want to deploy/use their staff best.

How any of us on the outside could possibly know whether or not it’s a ‘good use of resources’ is beyond me. :man_shrugging:


Glad you got sorted.

And welcome to the community.


You are right. Absolutely no room for improvement. Ten people touching a support case is clearly the most efficient way to do things. Obviously nobody should share opinions any longer.


I hope this discussion isn’t leading back to saying there should only be one person - “jack of all trades / expert at everything” again :weary:

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welcome Zelina, glad you got sorted out and that Monzo sorted your problem out over the last couple of days , its great to hear positive feedback :+1:


My opinion differs.

I used to work in process improvement within a call centre and multi-case touch is exactly what we wanted to improve efficiency, means anyone can handle the contact with the detail and there is no wait time waiting for the original agent to get back to the case

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Share opinions as much as you like, that’s what the forum is for! I guess I don’t understand the point of the question.

I can only see two possible purposes:

  • So that someone will provide an answer. But we have no idea what was involved, how frequent dealing with this kind of issue is, and what Monzo’s structures are, so how can anyone answer the question (and Monzo staff won’t because of privacy issues).

  • To make Monzo realise that they’re doing things wrong. This is even harder to believe as an outcome of the question. Monzo either realise they have problems or not, but an offhand question like that is not going to be the lightning strike moment where the head of the COps team suddenly realises, “oh, we’ve been doing it all wrong!”

I guess there’s a third possibility, which is to troll or constantly complain, but I’m assuming that’s not the intention here.

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Please everyone let’s look at this sensibly. I had an imminent financial crisis. Monzo used their discretion resulting in me being able do on-line shopping (as housebound if unaided). I will soon have essentials. For me the monetary aid is outweighed by the service and helpful staff I was e-chatting with.

If the number of the people involved doesn’t concern ME why should it others?? Don’t focus on the wrong thing. I did not have to wait by the phone as a notification message would “pop up”.

Also my situation was not straightforward and appreciate that different departments at Monzo would be involved.

This is something positive and I am eternally grateful. Let’s appreciate the sunshine!!