How we keep the momentum: a table read from Monzo's Product Management off-site

This is an excellent read:

It’s a quarterly review of Monzo Product Management in the last quarter and talks about maintaining the high momentum of product development that they’ve achieved.


He keeps talking there about “Monzo Pay” and I am not 100% sure what he means as the term does not appear on the forum or Google searches

Any ideas? Maybe payments from a pot?

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If you click on the link where it’s first mentioned it’s about the new business payments


Can confirm Monzo Pay == Business Payments system :slight_smile:

Mike is an absolute genius, you should see some of the stuff he talks about in the company :pray: Highly rec reading anything & all by him :smiley:


Read Mike’s stuff a lot, good PM writing is rare, because there is a lot written and not very much of it good